Step by step guides on how to do your own visa

Skilled Independent Visa 189 – Visa Application Process


The Skilled Independent 189 Visa – Visa Application Process book will guide you step by step through the Skilled Independent 189 visa application process. This book will show you how to collect your evidence, prepare your evidence and go through the entire application process in the ImmiAccount process.

Written from years of experience, the invaluable insider knowledge is distilled into an easy to follow guide that will help you do your own visa. You will be given access to insider knowledge on how to answer each question on the application form correctly, how to provide the information that the Australian government requires, how to submit your application and the process after you have submitted your application including health and police checks.

Each step of the way you will be provided with screenshots and detailed instructions on how to answer it correctly.

The Australian Skilled Visa Manuals are a series of guides that were first written to train agents and now rewritten to directly help an applicant to do their own visa application.

This book is for:

  • current or existing applicants for Skilled Independent 189 Visa
  • people who want to apply for a Skilled Independent 189 Visa
  • people who are interested in migrating to Australia
  • people who want to know the process to apply for a Skilled Independent 189 Visa
  • people who want to do their own visas

*The book is an interactive PDF with linked resources. No hardcopy of the book will be sent to you.