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Skilled Independent 189 Visa – Skills Assessments


The Skilled Independent 189 Visa – Skills Assessment book will provide you with an explanation of how Skills Assessments work, including the skills assessing authorities and what evidence you need to provide. There’s also a walkthrough of an application process for one Skills Assessing Authority.

Once you’ve chosen an occupation from the shortages list, you need to prove that you have the skills and experience as required by the Australian Government (and stated in the ANZSCO code). To prove that you have these skills and experience, your educational background and your employment experience will be assessed by the relevant asssessing authority otherwise known as a skills assessing authority. Once they have assessed your skills and experience, they will issue a determination and certificate which you will then use in your Expression of Interest and visa application.

This book will go through what criteria they will assess you on and help you provide the information to the relevant skills assessing authority for a positive outcome. After obtaining a positive skills assessment, you will be on your way to lodging an EOI.

Written from years of experience, the invaluable insider knowledge is distilled into an easy to follow guide that will help you find the best pathway to permanent residency in Australia.

The Australian Skilled Visa Manuals are a series of guides that were first written to train agents and now rewritten to directly help an applicant to do their own visa application.

This book is for:

  • current or existing applicants for Skilled Independent 189 Visa
  • people who want to apply for a Skilled Independent 189 Visa
  • people who are interested in migrating to Australia
  • people who want to know the process to apply for a Skilled Independent 189 Visa
  • people who want to do their own visas